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10804 Willow Ct. San Diego CA, 92127

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About Us

       Trinity Fitness & Performance is committed to delivering elite performance training services by utilizing our innovative Triple-Crown Performance System. Our three stage system prepares all athletes to reach maximum peak performance through our motto: GRIND. COMPETE. PRODUCE.

       At Trinity FP, our success comes from the success of our athletes. We aim to educate, lead, and motivate all athletes to achieve their goals and dreams. Our team believes that everyone is an athlete in their own way, so we train them as such - whether it is as a professional, collegiate, high school, youth or even a general fitness athlete looking for healthier lifestyle.

Strong Base --> Strong Structure --> Peak Performance!

Coaches Accolades & Experience

  • 6 years combined professional playing experience

  • 6 years collegiate coaching experience

  • 16 combined years of fitness and sports performance training

  • 2 National Championships 

  • 2 USA National Team Athletes