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 Trinity Fitness & Performance is committed to delivering elite performance services, utilizing our innovative Triple-Crown Performance System. Our three stage system allows all athletes to reach maximum peak performance, while striving to achieve their goals and dreams.


  At Trinity our success comes from the success of our athletes. We aim to educate, lead, and  motivate all athletes to achieve their goals and dreams, while working towards greatness!

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NCAA Athlete


The sports performance program that Trinity Fitness developed specifically for me before leaving to North Carolina were extraordinary. The workouts were customized to fit my needs to  help me become a stronger, faster and a more explosive defensive back. We worked on all explosive and quick twitch movements while also performing essential workouts, such as power cleans, bench press, and squats.


In my time working with Trinity, I had my best PR’s in my lifetime on bench press - 355lbs, squat - 500lbs, and power clean - 295lbs. Trinity Fitness also helped me put on 12 pounds of muscle mass going from 181 pounds to 193 pounds in a month and a half. Working with Trinity Fitness & Performance definitely got me prepared for the D1 work load that awaited me at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

—  Robert Morgan, North Carolina Tarheels Football